Main Characters

These are the main characters that have the greatest influence in the story.

(In order of appearence)

Full Name: Lima Voleur

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Wood Elf

Disposition: The 3 S's: Sarcastic, Secretive, Snarky

About: Lima is not only your classic do-gooding, adventuring heroine but also a stubborn, pessimistic, realistic jerk. She's very aware of how the world works and is suspicious of everyone and every situation. To say the least, she isn't entirely naïve. Despite her prickly demeanor she has a soft spot for undeserving people in trouble and can't bring herself to ignore their pleas for assistance - although she has no qualms against requiring a small fee for her services. Currently she is helping the foreign girl Silver on her quest for the ingredients to a mysterious medicine, inadvertently teaching her some basic life lessons.

Full Name: Silvermoon "Silver" Lunari

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: Lunar elf

Disposition: Cheerful, Mischievous, Naïve

About: Silver comes from a far away country that has chosen to isolate itself from the rest of the world, succeedly beyond imagination. A great war occupies her homeland and when her guardian Falcon succumbs to an illness he's lived with for years, she is the only one available to seek out the medicine. Being in a new environment has changed her mischievous personality to a more respectful one but spending time with Lima has seemed to bring it back out in her. Either way, Silver likes to take life in stride and doesn't seem too troubled by the danger she is faced with by taking on this quest. After all, she has this great group of people travelling with her! Except for Trap. She could do without Trap.

Full Name: Trap

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Race: Shadow Elf

Disposition: Curt, Calculating, Determined


Full Name: Cire Krieger

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Wood Elf

Disposition: Quiet, Indifferent, Easy-going

About: Cire had plans for himself and living on a modest farm in the Northern fields just wasn't cutting it. So he ran away to find a way to sate his ambition. Of course, doing so took a few weeks in prison, but that's an incidental event in Cire's life and is far behind him. Now he marches across the countryside with his little sister, slaying monsters and diving for treasure hidden beneath the earth. Despite how exciting this can be he enjoys nothing more than a well-earned rest after a long journey, which is robbed of him when he finds his sister and two strange people in his house. But as with every great journey there is a promise of reward, and really, that's all that matters.

Full Name:Aeiorf Jasdiff

Age: 49

Gender: Male

Race: Western Human

Dispostion: Eccentric, Enthusiastic, Strict

About: Aeiorf leads a pirate crew of less-than-menacing ex-cons. That's not to say they're any less lethal, but Aeiorf vouches for their good-nature. Besides, if they step out of line he's not afraid to remind them who's in charge, and when Aeiorf gets serious it is very clear who is in charge. But otherwise Aeiorf is a man with an abundance of vitality and fancies the company of ladies of all variety. He spends the rest of his time looting (like any good pirate), travelling the world, drawing up his own maps, and (recently) helping little girls find some flowers.

Full Name: Sophia Marchand

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Western Human

Disposition: Cheerful, Over-Zealous, Optimistic

About: Sophia is a girl that comes from humble backgrounds that simply messed up when she left to seek her fortune. She ended up working as a janitor in a restaurant that she wishes to own one day to fulfill her initial goal. Despite the fact that her Vampiric pallor epitomizes her misfortune for all to see she refuses to let it get the better of her and goes on with her life by feasting on slim pickings. If she weren't so giddy and likeable, she'd have been thrown into the harbor for her affliction already, but her friends can't bring themselves to hate her. Instead, they let her secret stay a secret and instead let her openly muse about the adventurous life. Little does she know just how adventurous her life could be.

Major Supporting Characters

The characters that just don't get enough screen time.

(Don't worry, they get paid just as much.)

Full Name: "Falcon"

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Race: Lunar Elf

Disposition: Concise, Patient (usually), Wise

About: Falcon is a powerful wizard and serves the court of his and Silver's people. Many years ago he also agreed to serve as guardian to the girl and her brother. As trying of a task as this has been on the old wizard, he hasn't done too bad so far and cares very much for the two as if they were his own. While one child is on his way to adulthood, the other is a stagnant wildchild, and so he has sent her on a quest to learn all of life's lessons.

Full Name: Rudolph "Rudy" Graham

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Eastern Human

Disposition: Arrogant, Boastful, Tactful

About: Rudy is a wandering scholar, gathering information on any and all fields of knowledge. However, he is also the first to rub that in your face and make sure you know how much smarter he is than you. He's not completely heartless though, and does know right from wrong. Unfortunately, that means that the law is right and Lima and her secret illicit activities are wrong.

Full Name: Quinton "Quinn"


Gender: Male

Race: Centaur

Disposition: Helpful, Honest, Focused

About: Quinn is the prodigious student of the late master alchemist, Karussus. He has since inherited his late master's alchemy shop and all of his reknowned recipes. As the successor of one of the world's greatest alchemists he is also responsible for clients such as Falcon, thus tasking Silver with finding the necessary ingredients for his medicine.

Full Name: Chloé Mercier

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Race: Eastern Human

Disposition: Gentle, Meek, Thoughtful

About: Chloé is a promising young alchemist, although not at first glance. Her deceased father left a debt for her to repay, and did so by binding herself to the family as a servant. She has long since repaid the debt but remains as an employee of the household as a source of steady income. Instead she leaves alchemy as a hobby and her only claim to fame is her extensive library. She has known Lima for several years and while they have never travelled together they have shared many stories and assist each other often.

Full Name: Daïr

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Wereleo

Disposition: Friendly, Cunning, Eager

About: Daïr is a street performer by day, thief by night. She has quick hands and steady feet, making her a capable thief. However, it is her cunning and ability to adapt that make her an invaluable ally. She and Lima work together often, but aren't shy of a little friendly competition, sometimes getting in each other's way. Regardless, Daïr is fiercely loyal to her friend and is willing to help in anyway she can, by day or night.

Full Name: Clarissa Jasdiff

Age: 38

Gender: Female

Race: Western Human

Disposition: Serious, Cold, Blunt

About: Years ago Clarissa bailed her brother out of jail. Actually, she's always bailed him out of trouble, but it finally paid off. Soon after he formed his own pirate crew and made her first-mate. Now she keeps the men in line and keeps her brother down to earth.