What the heck is this comic about?

  "Green as Grass" is about an equally mischievous and naive fourteen year-old Silvermoon Lunari who is sent on a rite of passage quest in a land very much unlike her own. She is aided by the reluctant and pessimistic thief Lima Voleur as she travels to find several rare (and unorthodox) ingredients for a mysterious medicine. Throughout their journey they meet several people who make up their entourage and make the trip a whole lot less boring!

Who the heck is writing all this?

 My name is Isabel "Suki" Hughes and I have been drawing for eight years now, unprofessionally. Drawing and writing is a hobby for me, but I am no less passionate about it. Instead, I am a foreign language major, specifically Russian language.

When the heck is this actually going to update?

 Ah ha... At first, the comic had original characters with an original plot line, but was set in a very UNoriginal setting (a.k.a. it did't belong to me). This bothered me, so I decided to create my own world to set the story in. Well, this means a lot of re-planning and has led to new ideas and storyline. I don't have a set deadline of when I want the comic to be officially re-launched, but when it does it will be updated twice a week Mondays and Fridays with breaks in between each chapter.

Where the heck is this story set?

 The story is set in a completely fictional world that doesn't have a name other than "Earth." More specifically, it takes place on the continent, Tocine, made up of four countries that have gone through so much civil upheaval that they couldn't pick definite names for long periods of time. However, the borders of the countries always stayed the same for the most part so they are named after their orientation on the continent - North, South, East, West, with the peaceful country of Merkezi at the center.

Contact me!

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